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Dangers of White Flies in Palm Beach & Broward County

If you care about your ornamental trees or vegetable garden, you definitely do not want to allow them to become infested with whiteflies. These sap-sucking insects cause the yellowing or death of leaves and can be very destructive. Managing an outbreak of these pests can be extremely challenging and should not be something you do on your own.

Identifying them should be your first priority. Generally, you will see whiteflies in clusters on the undersides of leaves. The adults have whitish wings and yellowish bodies. When the weather is warm and natural predators are few, whiteflies can reproduce very rapidly. Although they have many natural predators, the presence of dust or pesticides can remove many of the insects that normally keep their population in check. In all stages of their lives, whiteflies suck the juices from plant leaves and excrete the excess as drops of honeydew. The sticky honeydew causes sooty mold and attracts ants that discourage the other insects that would normally eat the whiteflies.

If you believe you have a whitefly infestation, time is of the essence. Don’t allow these pests to damage your flowers or vegetables any further or lead to the spread of viruses. If it is caught in the early stages, an infestation can cause little to no permanent losses. At Protective Pest Control, our licensed professionals are experienced at identifying the nature and extent of your infestation and enacting a comprehensive plan for eliminating these pests quickly and thoroughly. Don’t wait another day: Call Protective Pest Control now for a free quote. It’s the first step toward fully protecting your beautiful and valuable plants and trees.